Day 3

Thursday chaos? Yes please!

As I sit at work running more data numbers for my engineering day job and listening to one of my most favorite motivational people on YouTube, I think to myself… Yes I grew up in Chicago. Yes my parents were factory workers. Yes, I made it out of the inner-city. Was it hard work? Absolutely! Part of the reason my life is chaotic is because I refuse to sit around waiting for life to happen and I go out and make life happen! Thanks for the pep talk Gary Vaynerchuk! 

It would be easy enough for me to be OK with where I was 10 years ago in my career but I was bored. I wanted more. Today, my life is much different than it was back then. Hell, it’s much different than it was 2 years ago. The reason for that I think is because I’m hungry for success, oh and I get bored easily! Every couple of years I choose to move either within my company or most recently I completely changed companies. Talk about utter chaos in my life… New job, new house, and a new family. I would not change it for the world. My family is my motivation!

I look at moving up the career ladder the same way most people move furniture around when the room needs a new look on a budget. I like what I do but it gets boring doing the same thing day in and day out. Change is good, chaos is fun! 

Learning new things is fun for me. Not necessarily school in particular but in general, I love to learn. Wherever I can find it, I will take it. Always look for ways to improve yourself and life will fall into place. Never give up!!

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