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Baby Gelato

Love the color combination on this one. Currently this is a “spare” baby blanket that is waiting for more babies to be born.

This was a fun project for me since I was able to get my hands on some of the new Premier Sweet Roll yarn and it was just perfect for this piece. It is super soft and the colors work really well together. Works for both boy or girl. The weight of the yarn is great too.

My final thought on this yarn is… Well, I’m obsessed with it. Just lovely! Can’t wait to try more color combinations.

Yarn used: Premier Sweet Roll – 5 rolls (1 for each square, 1 for the boarder)

Color: Gelato

Stitch: Granny

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!



Winter Blues

Thank Goodness, the Holidays are Over.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I know we did. Lots of great food and time well spent with family and friends. This was much needed in our house. Now comes the time of year when the winter blues start to set in. For me, a trip to the local craft shop is what helps me get through the winter months. All the pretty colors make me happy!

So, I have a confession to make… I love yarn! Like, I’m obsessed! All yarn. All colors and styles. When I walk into a craft store, I have a nasty habit of buying too much yarn. Not that I won’t use it eventually, but I don’t usually have a particular project in mind at the time of purchase. Good example, Joann Fabrics had a stock up sale on yarn last week and you better believe I did just that. Below is a project I just finished and I absolutely love how it came out.  Check it out.

Yarn used is Caron One Pound. Stitch is C2C (corner to corner) and a really quick simple border that I just made up. Message me if you want more details.